Friday, August 2, 2013


I'm right now vacationing with Ana in Croatia, in a little farming village where her father was raised. Not too far away, in the city of Sinj (pronounces 'seen'), is an amazing event called Alka. Commemorating a victory in battle over the Turks almost 300 years ago, they hold a 3-day 'tournament of knights' on the very place where the battle was fought. Only men who are born there and can can trace ancestry to a soldier who fought in the battle can be selected to participate. It's living history, and directly related to the origins of the carousel. Coming from America, and having enjoyed carousels since I was a small child, that link allows me a portal through which I can relate to this spectacle.
I drew it last year, and Ana's mother kindly drove us there today to view it again. Here is a link to what I did last year, where I also include some carousel drawings to display the connection.

And here are some samples of what I did today, from the first day of the festival, which is called Bara. I'll be returning tomorrow and Sunday capture even more.

The captured horse precedes the parade. 

The horse sprints down a path between filled stands.
The rider approaches with the lanced alka, to present it for scoring by the judges. 

The alka slides down the spear, onto the ground.

The score is announced.

Horse and man, in full flight.

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