Friday, December 6, 2013

Pantone K 2013 Exhibit

As announced on Facebook the other day, I have a couple paintings in a group show here in Geneva. One, entitled "The First Red Rose", is based on the story of how the first red rose was created by a nightingale singing through the night, staying awake by leaning against a thorn. The other is a variation from my carousel studies, and I entitled it "The Second Red Rose". Today I was showing a friend around the exhibit, and I took some shots to give you all a visual of what it's like.

The First Red Rose. In the center of a wall, facing the entry to the room.

The Second Red Rose, upstairs, near the entrance.

The First Red Rose. This is a stage before the finish. I added a thorn and a drop more painting. But, this is basically finished.

The Second Red Rose. A carousel 'horse' design, but with a Swiss cow. This is a drop before I finished it, too. The tiny wing became an American flag. The Rose has a little more white. But, this is very much what the finish looks like.