Tuesday, October 14, 2014


During my few months of blogging inactivity, I was still scribbling away on my iphone, drawing the faces and figures of people while I waited for a tram stop or at a train station or on a street corner. I do enjoy the evolution of habits. Sometimes I only want to draw in many thin lines, other days few, and yet another moment a single thick line line where I might have another day used plenty. There is also something very enjoyable in the study, the breaking of a habitual way that a face is drawn (first nose, then another day first lips or the right eye).
Usually I make faces on the iphone. The other day, I saw a woman with a pendulous heavy body leaning weighted upon her thighs. Which then led to drawing some other full figures while standing at the local train station. A joyous woman swung by, and then a young woman in tights with a  large bag on her shoulders stopped to look at the train ticker.