Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Creative Mornings Geneva - WORK

Early in the morning on Friday the 13th, me and a few other creative types got together to listen to a talk by Jonas Vonlanthen about Work. More specifically how he helped structure his company, Liip, and some of the big and small things that can make a huge difference in defining the workspace. Below are a few drawings I did while there. In keeping with the spirit of 'Work', i'm showing my workspace, the sketchbook. Oftentimes when I'm thinking through a visual idea I use post-its to expand or play with ideas without having to turn the page. One idea leads to another, organically.
I started with a warm-up of portraits. And when the talk began I began to play with the ideas he was speaking about.
In the end, I started to play with the idea of a company being structured like a horizontal totem pole, Everybody has a role/symbol, and are integrated in such a way that everybody is on the same level.


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