Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's been a while since I've posted something here, and a lot has happened since then. I've moved to Geneva, and have done a fair amount of travel. But what I haven't done is ride a subway, which is where I tended to do most of my iphone portraits while living in NYC. I may have to expand this blog a little bit, and put up more of my work. A scanner will arrive here in a few weeks, and that should be remedy that problem. Until then, I do have a few iPhone portraits that I can share. Here are a few from my time in Croatia with Ana's family in the pretty small village of Bisko. These were done while sitting under a chestnut tree as the family talked about... well, I have no idea, because I don't understand the language, except for a couple words. The first image is the local priest, who at first meeting seems like another local dude hanging out, shooting the breeze with the fella's. I forget who the 2nd image is. The third and fourth images are of a man who is afraid of letting people know how old he is - when people wish him 'happy birthday', he becomes very defensive, which causes a lot of comedy. The final one is Ana's father, who relishes his time there so much. I can assure you that shortly after the moment of this drawing, there was a witty comment and smile.

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